Three important steps to take after a car wreck

3 critical steps to take after a collision that protect your rights

Automobile collisions are unexpected life events and can cause an immediate crisis or further an existing one. Following a crash, it is vitally important to promptly take these steps:

● Take Photographs.
If you are able, photograph the collision scene, your automobile and the other driver’s automobile. In taking the photos, do not concern yourself with who was at fault if you do not know. If you are physically injured and unable to take photographs, ask one of your passengers to take them if possible.

● Hire an attorney who you trust.
Promptly decide if you intend to handle the case on your own or if you plan to hire an attorney. Considerations in deciding if you should retain counsel in proceeding include:
1. Do you have time to handle the case on your own?
2. Do you know what you are doing?
3. Are your injuries serious?

● Seek medical treatment for injuries.
If you are injured, seek medical treatment immediately.