The Increasing Dangers of Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving On The Rise

Texting and driving is more common than drunk driving and can be even more dangerous. Distracted driving is currently responsible for 1.6 million annual accidents and 10% of roadway fatalities, with incidents sharply on the rise.

You do everything possible to keep yourself and family safe, but cannot prevent the reckless behavior of others. When distracted drivers cause accidents, their irresponsibility is not your burden.

If you been injured or impacted by a distracted driver, the facts and the law are on your side – with legal counsel you can prove negligence, receive compensation for your damages, and send a message to avert future tragedy.

The Dangers Of Distraction

Expanded connectivity has made the world a smaller place, but not always a safer one. The ability to instantly share thoughts, images and info brings us closer to one another, but can endanger those around us. This is especially true on the road.

Accessing a text message occupies an average of 5 seconds, which at 55MPH takes a driver’s eyes off the road for the length of a football field…100 yards of blind driving that can change lives forever.

Educational campaigns and legislation target prevention, but not all heed the warnings. A recent survey found that 36% of young drivers admit texting while driving despite knowing the dangers, while ¼ of all drivers use their phones at any given time.

These distracted drivers overlook bikers, pedestrians, and traffic signals, causing more than 300,000 injuries, 3,000 deaths, and $175B in damages each year. Always keep your eyes on the road, and always know your rights when someone else doesn’t.

What To Do If You’re A Victim

Distracted driving is always negligent and is illegal in 47 states…though not always easy to prove. If you’ve been injured in an accident and suspect that the driver was distracted, focus on your physical recovery and retain a lawyer to preserve the facts and your legal rights.

Securing fresh witness testimony, gathering police reports, and employing the courts to obtain phone records are crucial. By demonstrating the fault of the distracted driver you can best recover all entitled compensation.

Let Us Help You

The increasingly invasive nature of technology and constant presence of screens challenge all aspects of life. It affects us at work, has reshaped child-rearing, and threatens safety in our cars. Obey all laws, keep your phone off while driving, or use hands-free modes if absolutely necessary.

Yet you cannot control the actions of others – and their irresponsibility should not harm your health, property or income.

The lawyers and investigators at the Stone Law Office have extensive experience in this field. We know the law, gather the evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and will go to court if necessary. The Stone Law Office will find justice and make you whole.

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