Reckless Tenant Dog Attack Liability

Dog Bite Victims Deserve Compensation

Dog attacks can cause serious injury, leading to large medical bills and scars both physical and psychological. Victims should not bear financial burden on top of the trauma — liability lies with animal owners and possibly their landlords.

You are entitled to payment for pain and suffering if you’ve been bitten.

Hiring a lawyer preserves your rights, identifies responsible parties, and secures your just compensation – often via insurance settlement with no lengthy court process necessary.

Owners Are Responsible For Their Pets

Dog owners must restrain their pets and are liable for attacks on innocent people, so victims should never incur costs for a bite.

Legal counsel is the best way to secure rightful compensation. Your attorney will negotiate with defendants and the insurance companies, accelerating payment and avoiding unnecessary tension or conflict. The legal process needn’t be emotional or destructive, you are entitled to damage payment and insurance exists to cover it.

Dog Attack Liability For Landlords

Landlords may also bear liability for dog attacks that occur on their property. This shared accountability is especially important when the pet owner does not possess sufficient resources to fully compensate you for injuries, treatment, and suffering.

In some states landlords may share guilt if they knew that an animal had vicious tendencies and still allowed it on the premises. They can also be liable if they ever served as caretaker for the animal; feeding, harboring or walking a dog can make a landlord a responsible “keeper” in the eyes of the law.

It’s important to gather all facts and understand all possible avenues of recovery before proceeding with a claim for dog bite injuries.

Let Us Help You

The aftermath of a dog attack is disturbing on many levels – there’s physical pain and recovery, psychological repercussions, and possibly bad blood between parties that clouds the situation. Victims should take care of their health and allow their attorneys to take care of the rest.

The Stone Law Office has extensive experience in this field. We know the laws, investigate responsible parties, negotiate towards a fair settlement, and go to court if necessary. We will get you justice, and there’s no cost unless we secure a recovery.

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