Your edge against the reckless trucker

We give you an edge against the reckless trucker’s insurer

The Stone Law Office provides your edge against the reckless truck driver and involved insurer.

When an intoxicated, unhealthy or distracted big truck driver side-swipes or rear-ends your car, significant damage and death can result. You will benefit from determined and relentless representation. You need committed attorneys who are seasoned and have a track record of favorable results.

Plainly, trucks are not dangerous. But trucks operated by individuals who disobey the law certainly are dangerous and can be deadly.

We leverage your claim

The Stone Law Office’s founding member E. Lynette Stone is a former insurance industry attorney. Attorney Stone spent the first decade of her career working for insurance companies. In handling those matters, Attorney Stone learn the tools insurance carriers regularly use to fight injured people.

In fact, early in her career, Attorney Stone represented truckers sued for reckless driving. That experience serves as the backbone of her determination to represent the interests of people and their families injured by reckless truckers.

Big trucks related fatalities rising

18-wheeler fatalities increased 11% between 2012 and 2017, according to the United States Department of Transportation. You need a committed, relentless, and zealous advocate to stand up to a tired, unhealthy, intoxicated, distracted truck driver who devastates you or your family in a tractor trailer truck crash.

Distracted truckers are violating the law

Specific regulations prohibit commercial truck drivers from use of cellular equipment while driving. Consider, in 2015, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued regulations in which it prohibits commercial truckers from using cellular devices while driving. It is worth noting that statistics show deaths and injuries caused by distracted truckers is increasing.

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