Scooter riders are injuring pedestrians

Electric scooters swarm many metro areas, some injure pedestrians

Scooter riders are ignoring laws resulting in injured pedestrians.

Ride-sharing companies are placing electric vehicles on metro streets. Riders pay about $1 and then travel up to 15-20 miles-per-hour. Many rider ignore ride restriction bans and injure pedestrians.

Scooter rental requires no license. Nor is training required. Minors are enjoying the craze as well.

Scooter riders are injuring pedestrians

Scooter riders are injuring pedestrians on sidewalks and other walkways. In fact, news of injuries to both riders and pedestrians are making headlines nationwide. For example, a scooter rider struck a side-walk bound pedestrian in Dallas, Texas in July 2018. The scooter rider rode away. The injured pedestrian required stitches. A similar incident occurred in Cincinnati, Ohio in August 2018. In November 2018, a scooter rider collided with and killed a 90-year old woman in Barcelona Spain.

Responsibility for medical injuries is debated.

Is the ride-sharing company liable?

Scooter crash injuries vary widely. Generally, the injuries are similar in nature to an automobile traveling at the same speed. Head injuries happen. And scars, cuts, bruises, broken bones and death happen. Contact The Stone Law Office at 877-845-4441 with questions about the scope of injuries that you or someone you know sustained in a scooter rider incident.

Some scooter owners offer rider/operators $1 million policies. The optional coverage likely requires an additional fee. While the scooter rider’s liability may be clear, scooter owners are resisting and disputing responsibility.

Scooter vendor/owners desire to liken themselves as car rental companies. But the differences are vast. For example, rental car companies require the presentation of a driver’s license.

The CDC is studying scooter safety

The CDC is studying the alarming rise in scooter injuries. For example, the CDC is exploring hazards presented to pedestrians by riders who ignore regulations. Preliminary data for the study shows 9 scooter related injuries in the 60 days covering September 29-October 31, 2018.

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