Uninsured negligent drivers

Many negligent drivers lack automobile insurance coverage-why it matters

Many negligent drivers lack insurance. While, some negligent drivers have coverage, it often is not enough. Thus, they are underinsured. If an un or underinsured driver causes a wreck, property damage and injuries regularly result.

Nevertheless, it’s impossible to know up front who lacks coverage. Rather, you learn a negligent adverse driver lacks insurance after the collision.

What happens if an uninsured negligent driver injures you? Consider, uninsured negligent drivers hit pedestrians, cars and structures. Moreover, they are often distracted, texting or talking on cell phones. Investigating police officers typically determine a negligent driver is uninsured at the collision scene. Yet, uninsured negligent drivers often present fake proof of insurance.

Nevertheless, you have options in dealing with an uninsured negligent driver. Let us help you to explore them.

Often, uninsured negligent drivers never purchased coverage from the outset. Similarly, uninsured negligent drivers often purchase a policy, intending for it to lapse for non-payment. Then, they let it lapse for non-payment.

Of course, you can protect yourself from uninsured negligent driver’s selfishness. Just make certain that your own policy includes coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage.

Why you need to self protect against the negligent uninsured driver

Uninsured motorist’s coverage protects you if the negligent adverse driver lacks insurance. While underinsured motorists coverage protects you if the negligent adverse driver lacks enough insurance. Underinsured claims frequently involve death or severe injury claims.

Importantly, your claim is against the underinsured or uninsured aspect of your own policy when an un or underinsured negligent driver causes the collision. Initially, it may be confusing to learn your own policy is the source of recovery. Afterall, the collision was not your fault. But un and underinsured driver’s coverage pays for losses when the negligent adverse driver lacks insurance.

Mandatory underinsured and uninsured coverage

Many states require insurers to include un and under insured driver’s coverage in auto policies.

However, some states allow you to opt out of under and uninsured driver’s coverage. Note, opting out may require you to prepare a written statement. Although, it is advisable to maintain the coverage for protection against uninsured negligent drivers. Call your insurer today to make certain your policy contains this coverage.

If you find that the negligent adverse driver lacks insurance after a collision, call us at 877-845-4441. We can help you navigate the process of getting just compensation for your injuries against an uninsured negligent driver.

Uninsured negligent drivers do not walk free

Thankfully, uninsured negligent drivers must account for the damage they cause. They don’t walk free. After your insurer carriers pays an un or underinsured motorist claim, it will pursue the negligent uninsured driver to recover what it paid.

Additionally, uninsured negligent drivers are ticketed. In some states, uninsured negligent drivers are arrested. Moreover, uninsured negligent drivers are forced to purchase coverage to lift licence suspensions.

The penalties imposed for uninsured driving serve as deterrants and they work well.

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