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We are seasoned auto collision lawyers

Car wrecks are rarely expected.  A collision presents an immediate crisis.  A collision can worsen an existing crisis.  Perhaps you were already experiencing financial stress.  Maybe your existing medical condition worsened in the crash.  Data gathering after a wreck is crucial.

We pride ourselves at The Stone Law Office on appreciating the auto collision victim’s experience.  We approach each case with empathy.  Our goal is your 100% recovery.

Let us build your claim

Following a crash, promptly building a claim  is critical.  Solidly built claims lead to the most just recoveries.  Applying well-tested methods in the case building strategy is a must.

Auto collision injuries

One important component of building a claim is gathering loss data.  Loss categories are countless, but can include:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Worsened existing conditions
  • Depression
  • Disability

Accident losses can add up.  Exploring each damage category is important.

Documenting damages is equally important. The nature of evidence needed to support the type of loss sustained can vary. For example, supporting a wage loss claim typically requires the production of past wage and tax records. By additional example, a claim of emotional distress can be supported by mental health records and physician records.

Loss details

Providing detailed information about your losses may feel frustrating.  Our clients frequently characterize the sought after details as “embarrassing”.  But documenting losses to support a loss claim following a collision is crucial.

Every case differs

We understand that every case is different.  One case involving the total loss of an automobile may result in minimal injuries.  At the same time, the total loss of an automobile may result in serious injuries or death.

The opposing driver’s insurance carrier

The opposing driver’s insurer will attempt to undermine, ignore or discredit your losses.  We are prepared for this and employ methods to work around it.  

Pre and post injury photographs are powerful tools

Injuries can be illustrated through photographs.  An even more powerful tool are both pre and post injury photographs.  Sometimes it is impossible to photograph injuries at the scene of a collision, especially if the incident involves a serious injury requiring immediate medical attention or death.  If that happens, some law enforcement agencies routinely take photos.