Crash report inaccuracies

Police routinely investigate automobile collisions. Indeed, Police departments often assign certain departments the task ofinvestigating crashes. And crash victims expect police to determine a collision’s fault. However, when the police report iswrong, resolving the claim with the adverse driver’s insurer is difficult. Quickly discover material… Read More »Crash report inaccuracies

Uninsured negligent drivers

Many negligent drivers lack automobile insurance coverage-why it matters Many negligent drivers lack insurance. While, some negligent drivers have coverage, it often is not enough. Thus, they are underinsured. If an un or underinsured driver causes a wreck, property damage and injuries regularly result. Nevertheless,… Read More »Uninsured negligent drivers

Inmates exposed to COVID-19

Inmates exposed to COVID-19 Prisons and jails in the age of COVID-19. COVID-19 virus cases are rising. Convicts and those awaiting criminal trial are vulnerable too. The number of inmates exposed to COVID-19 is rapidly rising as well. Families of inmates who died of COVID-19… Read More »Inmates exposed to COVID-19