Defeating dishonest distracted drivers

Distracted driver injury claims.

At-fault distracted drivers rarely admit to texting while driving.

Defeating dishonest distracted drivers who cause accidents requires prompt action, relentlessness and skill.

At-fault drivers rarely admit some distraction, such as their own texting, caused a crash. But evidence of distractions on the collision scene will be clear. Consider:

  • Rear end impact and no skid marks
  • At fault driver failed to maintain proper travel lane
  • Improper passing (cut off)
  • Side-swiping car in the same direction
  • At fault driver says he/she does not know what happened
  • Victim is blamed
  • At fault driver declines to provide insurance information
  • Witnesses saw cell phone use immediately before the collision

Aggressive pursuit of cell phone use evidence is key.

Evidence of cell phone use in a collision is of paramount importance in defeating an at fault distracted driver. Because texting drivers rarely admit to cell phone use when the collision happens, prompt evidence preservation is key. Cell phone companies refrain from producing cell phone records without a subpoena. And subpoenas require court filings. Often, some cell phone use data is destroyed by the time it is sought.

We use unique tactics targeted to protect victims of texting distracted drivers and the evidence they seek to hide. Our methods are highly successful. If you believe you or someone you know is the victim of a distracted driver, we want to hear from you now. Do not hesitate to call. Consultations are free.

Most states prohibit texting while driving, but distracted texting drivers ignore those laws.

A majority of states prohibit texting while driving. If you fall victim to one of these rule violators, we want to be by your side fighting for your rights. Let us use our techniques to hold those responsible for your injuries accountable.

The nature and scope of injuries which texting drivers can cause in a collision and can include death. Do not let the dishonest distracted driver’s insurance claims adjuster talk you into giving a statement without representation. Do not let the dishonest distracted driver’s insurance claims adjuster talk you into settling for less than all of your losses.