COVID-19 business interruption claims

COVID-19 business interruption claim denied
Insurers are denying claims by business owners who suffered losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Why we are writing about COVID-19 business interruption claims

We handle injury claims.  That practice group includes insurance bad faith matters, which we also handle.  For that reason, we are writing about COVID-19 business interruption claims.  In some cases, insurers are denying the claims in bad faith.

Also, the Stone Law Office is uniquely suited to handle COVID-19 related business interruption insurance claims.  Reason being, founding owner E. Lynette Stone handled insurance coverage claims on behalf of several major US based insurers for the first 8 years of her law career. 

For example, Attorney Stone represented insurers in coverage matters involving property and injury claims.  Also, she handled malpractice insurance coverage claims.  Additionally, automobile bodily injury and property damage coverage claims formed a great part of her practice early on.  And she handled construction coverage matters.

In 2008, Attorney Stone founded The Stone Law Office, a firm committed to representing injured people.  Attorney Stone proudly represents injured people in matters involving insurance coverage.  And, Attorney Stone’s background makes her and The Stone Law Office uniquely suited to handle business interruption claims.

Insurers are denying COVID-19 business interruption claims

Business interruption coverage provides insurance against a loss following certain unpreventable interruptions in normal business activities.  It follows that a pandemic, like COVID-19, is the epitome of an unpreventable loss.  Yet, insurers are sometimes wrongly delaying or denying COVID-19  business interruption claims.  If you received a coverage denial, call The Stone Law Office for representation in holding insurers accountable for bad faith denials.

We know business owners spend hard earned money to purchase and maintain insurance interruption coverage.  And business interruption insurance coverage is expensive.  Nevertheless, insurance companies are continuing their practice of denying and delaying valid claims during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bad faith is a likely reason for many business interruption claim denials and delays.  After all, insurers collect premiums and hate to paying claims.  Call The Stone Law Office for a free consultation about your business interruption claim denial.

What is business interruption insurance coverage

Generally speaking, business interruption insurance covers certain losses when the business stops operations due to covered incidents.  Reading the involved policy is crucial to determine the scope of available coverage.  Call The Stone Law Office today for a free consultation about your COVID-19 business interruption claim.

Business interruption claim class action lawsuits

Many business owners are fed up with the unscruplious practices of insurers acting in bad faith.   Restaurants filed three business interruption class actions in New Jersey.

Lawmakers should subject insurers willfully denying COVID-19 business interruption claims to stiff penalties.

The fight for blanket immunity to address COVID-19 harms continues.  Blanket immunity proponents seek to avoid accountability for COVID-19 related harms.  Present discussions are all-inclusive.  However, the inclusion of insurance companies in the immunity discussion is presently unclear.