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Attorney E. Lynette Stone is a career litigator and focuses her practice on representing victims in wrongful death and serious injury matters and commercial matters in state and federal courts nationwide. She started her legal career working as an insurance coverage and insurance defense litigator in large law firms in the mid-western part of the United States. While working for those firms she became known for her passion for trial, for her commitment to excellence and client satisfaction and for her motion work. more...

Practice Areas

Car Accidents

We are Dallas injury lawyers, also serving Illinois and North Carolina.  Choosing a personal injury attorney to handle a car accident claim is an important decision.  Auto accident victims are best served by top personal injury lawyers who care about maximizing recovery for those injured in car wrecks.

Truck Accidents

Statistics show tractor trailer truckers are driving while distracted.  Related statistics show injuries and fatalities caused by distracted truckers are also increasing.    Countless irresponsible and careless commercial truck drivers are found to have been texting, surfing the web, eating, and driving under intoxication while operating trucks capable of completely destroying lives and property.

Dog Attacks

Dog attacks can result in serious personal injury and even death.  Regardless of the scope of injury resulting from the encounter, the incident will forever change the victim’s closest friends and family.  During a dog attack, the animal bite and scratch their victims with the ultimate goal of death.

Pedestrian Accidents

National statistics show pedestrian accidents account for 15% of motor vehicle related death, with Texas, Florida and California leading the statistical average, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association.  Certain categories of pedestrians are shown to be most at risk:  senior citizens, children, pedestrians exposed to intoxicated drivers or speeding drivers.

Injuries on Property

Complex laws govern the rights of those injured while lawfully on the property of others.  One major issue that is routinely presented in these matters is whether the property owner was or should have been on notice of the injury causing condition.  A prompt and thorough investigation is key.

Medical Malpractice

Medical facilities, including emergency departments and treating practice doctors, can make medical mistakes.  Our medical malpractice lawyer team will evaluate your potential claim at no cost to you.  We are dedicated injury lawyers, serving Texas, Illinois and North Carolina.  Act promptly to protect yhour rights; time limits apply to the assertion and filing of medical negligence claims.

Insurance Disputes

You paid hard earned money toward timely and complete premium payments for insurance coverage, so why the claim denial? Because an insurer's goal generally is to keep your premium payments, not to return them to you in response to a claim.

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