How much more is your car accident claim worth?

Let us show you how much more your car accident claim is worth.

Some hire us after negotiating alone with the at fault driver’s insurer. We routinely take on claims after our evaluation shows the claim is worth much more than the insurer offered. Proudly, we commonly achieve results by thousands of percentage points beyond the insurer’s offer.

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Free car accident claim analysis.

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Don’t let the cynical insurance company discourage you.

The insurance claims adjuster is your opponent, not your friend. Expect the adjuster to discount your claim, question your motives and credibility, attack you, question your character, ignore your medical bills and etc. Our satisfied clients would encourage you to let us handle those tactics for you.

Your car accident claim could be worth more than you were offered

We will get just compensation for your serious injury claim.

We handle serious injury auto and truck crash claims from inception to completion in trial or settlement. Our competitive track record for winning high dollar compensation for our clients speaks for itself. In negotiating with the insurance claims adjuster without the benefit of our attorneys, claims get missed. A good example is time missed from work attending medical appointments. We demand the inclusion of those details and many others in settlements and judgments for our clients.

Let us help you recover for all of your injuries.

Among the countless injuries that arise from an auto collision are:

  1. Concussions
  2. Contusions
  3. Broken bones
  4. Whiplash
  5. Nerve damage
  6. Spinal injuries
  7. Headaches

The presentation of such serious injuries can ultimately result in time off work, pain, lost enjoyment of life, loss of companionship and more.